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Retention: The easy-to-use Magnetic Coupon Direct mailer attaches to the customer's refrigerator where they'll easily find and use the chronologically-released coupons.

9% - 13% redemption!

Traffic & Sales: In-store sales increase 8% - 11% for each mailing!

Specs: 1-month, 2-month or 3-month mailers with UPC or 3 of 9 bar codes.

Contact: Scott & Kathy Engstrom at (651) 755-7226 or email us at or go to our Contact Us page for more information.

> Click Here to download our informational PowerPoint Presentation.

Grocery Stores / Retailers

– Increase Sales by Average of 10% –
– Reduce Inventory Across Several Product Areas! –

Patented Magnetic Direct Mail Couponing Vehicle - U.S. PATENT No. RE 43,512
Trademark Registrations 4,326,663, 4,290,837 and 4,921,396

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